Things To Remember Before Leasing An Office Space


If one is starting a new business or a new inititative3 that involves 10 or more than 10 people as employees then one definitely needs a proper yet small office space so that everyone can work together in an organised manner.

Leasing an office space for small business in Ghaziabad is not a very tough job as many office spaces are available for lease and rent these days. One just needs to find the right place that will fulfil all the necessary requirements needed to start an office and function them carefully.

Here are some major reasons to keep in mind before leasing an office space.


This is a very important thing to consider especially when one is setting up a start up office. In case of small business plans one may not have too much capital but they have to look after a lot of things. so going for a highly rented place cannot be an easy option for them. So if one has a proper budget in mind set already before searching for the space, then it becomes easier for them to find a suitable one within that range. One can also compare the rent of an office space in a particular area on online real estate sites.

Lease term

This has to be read and finalised properly before sealing it. One needs to check that when does the lease start and when does it expire. Is it a long term lease or a short term lease? In some cases land lords only go for either one of them. So one has to make it clear what kind if a lease they are comfortable with. On also needs to check whether there is an increase in rent in case of long term lease agreements. If yes, then at which interval it gets increased? Is the increase in rent possible to manage or not.

Extra Cost

Before leasing a space one has to find about the hidden costs of the place. Sometimes there are and the tenants sign the lease without any knowledge of it. One also needs to check whether their rent includes taxes, insurance and other utilities. In some lease agreements there are conditions fir pre paid rents and deposits.

Cost of improvements

These costs are mostly paid by the owners and they sometimes also include them into the rent, depending on the duration of the lease. There are sometimes conditions of the build out as well. In case of maintenance and repairs, conditions also vary. Unlike residential lease agreements all the commercial leases mostly require then tenant to pay all those maintenance costs except for the roof, external walls and common areas.

There are also some extra conditions when one wants to sub lease that space. Also one can sign an exclusivity right when there is a retail business so that competitors cannot open the store in the same building or the complex.

For leasing a property for business in Ghaziabad one can check all the options available there.

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