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Google Pixel 2: Design, Specifications And Everything We Know So Far!

Google Pixel 2: Design, Specifications And Everything We Know So Far!

We all knew that Google will use the success of Pixel devices, and this year it will present the second generation of phones in the series. We still do not know how many versions we get, but some of their specifications are already known:

For some time now, we hear information that Google is testing three different models for the Pixel Series, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, and a third, larger device. But rumors have now emerged that the company has canceled the production of the follower of Pixel XL, to fully pay attention to the so-called “Taimen” device. Last year’s Pixel and Pixel XL were the result of a collaboration between Google and HTC. This year, Google, with the help of LG, will present the second generation of devices.


For now, we know very little about their appearance. It is said that the devices will come with an incredible body-display ratio and incredibly slim frames. In this way, they will remain relevant and can be compared to pop-up phones right now.


The smaller one Google Pixel 2 will come with a 5 inch display, while the larger one will have a larger screen than the 5.5 inch Pixel XL, and will be 5.6 or 5.7 inches. Like Google Pixel and Pixel XL, the devices will come with an OLED display. Google will invest about $ 880 million in LG Display to provide enough OLED displays. When it comes to the resolution, we’ll probably get Quad HD.

Hardware and cameras

5.6 inch Tamien will run on Qualcomm 835, with 4GB of RAM. Most likely, it will contain the Adreno 540 GPU and 128GB of memory. When it comes to the cameras, Tamien will have a 12 megapixel rear camera and a 7 megapixel selfie camera, which may seem like a low resolution, but it’s more than enough to flicker social media.

Google Pixel 2 announced that it is the best camera among mobile devices, and even boasted the highest rating from experts DXoMark. I enjoyed shooting on Pixel, the camera is very good, but the AMOLED-screen with its default settings distorts the colors, the picture comes out at times “thermonuclear.” Then, if you copy the photo to the computer and watch the images on the monitor, you are no longer surprised by the colors, but the sediment remains.

True, you can fix this situation if you dig into the settings of the screen and turn on the sRGB-mode, then the picture will be more adequate, look at it nicer, it is real, not embellished.

Google Pixel 2 rumor round-up: Design, specs, and all we know so far

At prices, we do not expect big surprises. The next Pixel generation will have similar prices as the previous one.


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