Revature Lists Certain Tools Every Software Developer Should Learn In 2023

Revature Lists Certain Tools Every Software Developer Should Learn In 2023

Each and every trade has its tools, and software development is no different. All good software developers have a good understanding of the important tools needed in the industry. Aspiring developers can even join companies like Revature to get the training and expertise needed to use these tools and enjoy maximum benefit from them. They are among the largest and fastest growing employer of emerging technology talent in the United States, and allows newbie tech professionals to boost their career by getting trained on the job.

Revature Marks A Few Tools That All Software Developers Must Learn

All successful software developers invest time, effort, and at times even money to learn certain basic tools that allows them to accomplish more in less time and be more competent at their job. Here are a few of those tools:

  • Git and Github: Proper knowledge of source control repository is critical for any software developer as they must do the check-in, checkout of code on a daily basis. To improve as a developer, they also must know certain advanced concepts like merging and branching. In the contemporary age, Github and Git have become synonymous with the source control repository, as well as a version control tool. In fact, for many industry experts, it is the single most important tool that all developers should know.
  • Project Loom: Loom is focused on majorly cutting down the effort that goes into writing, maintaining, and observing high-throughput concurrent applications which makes the best use of available hardware. Loom is a newer project in the Java/JVM ecosystem and attempts to address limitations that are present in the traditional concurrency model. It specifically provides a lighter alternative to threads along with new language constructs for managing them.
  • Docker: Docker makes development simple, as a developer would not have to install much separate applications. They just need to download a Docker image with the required software. With time, Docker is also becoming a standard tool for deployment, with an increasing number of teams choosing to adopt adopting Docker to deploy Microservices and other Cloud Native apps in a more consistent fashion. The key advantage of Docker is that people can deploy a Java Microservice or a C++ app in the same manner as it is possible to actually deploy a Docker container. This simple feature also makes scaling a lot easier.
  • SQL: Standing for Standard Query language, SQL is widely used to work with the database. By using SQL developers are able to read, update, and delete data from tables. As databases are widely used in the real world, developers must have a good knowledge of SQL. They must know how to write complex queries using aggregate functions, join, sub-queries, and other advanced functionalities.
  • Python: This is a powerful high-level, object-oriented and versatile programming language. It allows developers to create big applications as they do in Java. Python can also be used for creating scripts to automate stuff.

To learn the important tools mentioned above, aspiring developers can always choose to get enrolled into the programs offered by companies like Revature. This tech talent development company provides training on the most in-demand programming skills in the job market.

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