Samsung NX1000 DSLR Specifications with Price

Samsung NX1000 DSLR Specifications with Price


Technical gadget admirers can now have yet another reason to rejoice. The reason being that Samsung NX100 camera has been made available for the benefit of one and all concerned. The key features you can most likely avail the benefit of, is one of the prime reasons behind the growing acceptance of the same. The camera is light as a feather but is a lot powerful to touch. It can indeed be considered as the perfect travel companion. The fact that the camcorder boasts of a lightweight body makes it possible to enjoy easy shooting facility.

Video Shooting:

You can also expect to use the same for the sole purpose of shooting video for a longer period of time. The Samsung NX1000 camera boasts of a modern and sleek exterior body and thus imparts a true sense of elegance and sophistication. There are as many as three different colors in which the body of the video camera can be found. Also, the lenses can be available in a choice of no less than two. There indeed is hardly any need of special mention that the easy to use interface makes the device an absolute joy to use.

High Speed Capture:

Presence of a high speed capture is certainly one of the highlighting features you can associate along with the Samsung NX1000. The high speed capture capabilities will offer you with the right scope to benefit from a simple yet sophisticated mode of capturing images. It also holds true that the inbuilt ultra-high speed auto focus capability helps it to stand out from the rest of its competitors. Surely, auto focus capability can be considered to be one of the core components that feature along with the photographic equipment. Now, you should not face the least difficulty while clicking pictures of the fast moving objects. Inferior clarity is hardly an issue that you will find with this model of camera.

Perfect Connectivity:

Connectivity is also one of the encouraging facts you can associate along with the Samsung NX1000 camera. The Wi-Fi connectivity will enable you to connect a digital camera along with a wireless network. Instant sharing with the help of Wi-Fi will offer you the right facility to save photos and other shots while shooting. If you consider investing in the above-mentioned model of the camera, there will hardly any reason to worry about the aspect of running out of storage space. There is also no real need to carry along with you right cable.

Intuitive Smart Panel:

It is important to bear in mind the fact that even the slightest degree of wrong exposure can make a negative impact on the most carefully framed shot. The sensor that features along with the Samsung NX1000 makes available for your purpose wide ISO sensitivity that can always range till 12, 800 at an ordinary setting. It will not be a bid task to click photographs even under the minimum lighting effect without the emission of least noise. The intuitive smart panel is certainly one of the other features that help in making the camera a singular choice. The cost is kept within an affordable rate at $564.49.

Samsung NX1000 Price:

The  Samsung NX1000 DSLR Price  is around 21,000* Rupees Only.

Pros and Cons:

There are many pros and cons that remain associated along with the NX1000 camera. A few of the pros you can relate along with the device include excellent Wi-Fi implementation, superb high ISO performance and compact kit lens. The sharp rear LCD is also one of the other advantages you can find along with the device. Slower performance is one of the cons you may have to face with the NX1000 camera. The camera also lacks built-in flash. There is also no EVF option available.

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