What Makes A Good Conference Venue?

What Makes A Good Conference Venue?

When hosting a conference, the venue it’s held in can have a major impact on its success. The delegates should feel comfortable and relaxed, and come away from the event feeling like it was a rewarding experience. There are a number of excellent conference centres in Manchester, but what makes them such great venues? Here are some of the elements that make a good conference venue:


Technology plays a huge part in modern conferences. New methods of communication, like email, video conferencing and mobile Internet, have changed the way people conduct business. Services like high speed broadband and audio visual systems, along with digital protectors and screens, have become must have conference facilities.


A good venue should meet the size requirements for the conference. It should have enough comfortable seating for everyone attending, and everyone should be able to see and hear the speaker clearly. A good venue should also have social areas where delegate can relax and network after meetings.

In House Services

The in house services that a conference venue provides can go a long way towards helping delegates feel more comfortable. High quality food and refreshments should be provided for all guests. Also, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff can add considerable value to an event, helping delegates get the most out of it.


Many people travel to conferences for far away, and it may not be practical for them to travel back on the same day. A conference centre that has its own accommodation can help remove some of the stress of visiting, helping them get maximum value out of the conference.

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