Why Is Permit Important For Skip Bins Hire?

Why Is Permit Important For Skip Bins Hire?

You finally have some time in your hands and you are planning to rid your abode of all the rubbish that has accumulated over time. You thought of skip bins as you are a responsible citizen who wants to get rid of the rubbish in a responsible way. You give a skip bin service provider a call and as soon as they come over to your property, they ask for a permit from you.

The people from the skip bin service provider tell you that you cannot leave a skip bin out on the street without the necessary paperwork. Now that you don’t have a driveway nor you have room in your yard, what to do with the skip bin?

As stated in the topic itself, most skip bin service providers are often facing the question from their patrons that whether they would need a permit to hire a skip bin. Let us focus on the answer in the following sections:

Tread Carefully:

To start off, the answer to the question would generally depend on one reason – the place where you want to put it. In case you are putting the bin in your own property, bravo! You don’t need a permit but if you don’t have room and are planning to leave the bin in public or council property, well, you need a permit for that.

What Can Be Considered As A Public Property?

Well, public properties consist of streets and roads. It is one of the many reasons why you cannot place a skip bin on the pavement of the street in front of your property. Even if you avoid the pavement and plan on placing the skip on the nature strip running along the side of the street, refrain to do so as the nature strip is the property of your area’s council.

Nature strip is the piece of land between the main road and that of your property’s boundary. Often, nature strips are equipped with a footpath and both of them are the local council’s property. In case you don’t have room and you plan on placing the skip bin on these empty spaces, you would need a permit for that.

It should also be kept in mind that if you have a long driveway which extends beyond the legal boundary of your property, that is also part of the council’s property. So don’t start arguing with the authorities in case the object that you cannot place the skip bin on the extended part of your driveway.

After said and done, it is your duty to get a permit for a skip bin before you even place an order for the same. Obtaining a permit from the council in your area comes with a fee and on top of that, one might need to give the authorities an advanced notice. The notice should consist of the details like the location of the skip bin and the duration for which the skip bin will stay in that place. It is best to keep a copy of the permit and hand it over to the skip bin service provider when they arrive with your bin. On top of that, to keep last minute confusions at bay, it is best to send another copy of the permit to the skip bin service provider via email for reference. If you are loking such kind of services skip hire Watford is best company for your needs.

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