Would HTC One M10 Be The Best Model Of 2016?

HTC has announced the release of its new model HTC One M10 and the users are wondering that if it would be the best model of 2016. Well the question is quite obvious as everybody wants to go with nothing but the best. Of course, HTC has always tried to win the trust of the users since it was released in 2013. It has always tried to astonish the users by making the striking models with a lot of innovations.

The people are going crazy to ascertain the features of this wonderful model to the extent that they are reading a lot about this model. If you explore you would also get a lot of articles about this, but nothing is definite. To help you draw the most accurate information, we have tried to present the possible features of this amusing model. It is in the air that HTC One M10 would hit the retail market in 2016, in the month of February or March. So, you can be prepared to experience it soon. Its price can be something around 610 pound. You might be wondering that how can we tell about the prices when it is never revealed before the launch of the product. Its only speculation based on the previous prices; 550 pound and 579pound; for HTC One M8 and HTC One M9 respectively. In case it is the similar flagship model of HTC it would have the similar price rise, else it may go up.

The chances are that HTC One M10 might not be called by the same logical progression of HTC One. The new naming system can be HTC Two. It is quite possible that HTC has decided to discontinue with the previous one in order to avoid its comparison with the disappointment faced by HTC One M9. The chairwoman of HTC was very sorry for disappointing the users through HTC One M9. She said that HTC would always try to maintain the quality of its products in all the future models. So, it is in the air that this model would be awesome in every respect. Instead of standard screen size it may have a big screen of 6in and 2560×1440 displays. The fabulous QHD is also likely in this new model.

Since the snapdragon was main accused in the unsuccessful story of HTC One M9, so a high-tech processor Snapdragon 820 is possibly on cards for this model. The 3500mAh battery would enhance the efficiency of this model. It would also have ample storage with its 4GB and 64/128 internal storage. A metallic unibody of aluminum would certainly render it a stunning appearance. It can be a waterproof model. An amazing camera is also likely in HTC One M10 (27Mp main and 5Mp front camera). Its microSD slot might have onboard storage.

Now, are you able to ascertain that HTC One M10 would be the best model of 2016. Certainly it would be! Keep visiting!

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