Would You Rather Buy Or Rent A House In Loughton?

Would You Rather Buy Or Rent A House In Loughton?

Are you planning to shift to Loughton but are unsure whether to buy or rent a property? Investing in properties is always a great idea; it will surely yield high returns in the future. But with the current property prices, things might get really tough for some people. There are various other factors that you should also take into account before deciding if you want to rent or buy a property. In this article, we will discuss them and help you decide for yourself.

Buying A Home

We will start by discussing the advantages of buying a property, as stated by experienced estate agents in Loughton.

  • Buying a property means you would have to pay a high amount upfront for mortgages, but it will cost you less in the long run. So if you are planning to live in the property for an extended period, then buying it is what you should definitely consider.
  • As you make the monthly repayments, you will be satisfied that the property will be yours soon. It is like a great investment opportunity and not dead money where the money will be going to your landlord’s pocket. You will have the freedom and peace of living there on your terms, and if the property prices go up in the future, you can sell them too. Once you have paid up the mortgage, you will not only have a place to stay for free, but it will also secure your future.
  • We all know that renting would mean living under the terms and conditions imposed by the landlord. There can be rules and regulations about pets, guests, redecoration, and whatnot. Even though you will live in the home, it can never become yours when renting it.  But if you buy a property, there will be no rules, and you can do whatever you want with it (following the local rules, of course). You can even rent out a part of your home, which will help you repay the mortgage cost easily.
  • The biggest advantage of buying a property is having peace of mind. A landlord can decide to increase the rent or sell his property at any time, which will make the future stay in your home uncertain. But when you have bought a property, it will be truly yours, and there will be no chances of such inconveniences.

Renting A Property

The estate agents in Loughton have explained the following benefits that come with renting a property:

  • If you are planning to move into Loughton for a shorter period, renting can be a great choice. You would have to pay a deposit to get a rented property, but that amount would be much less than what you would deposit for buying a home. Also, renting means, you would not have to pay any maintenance costs. Thus, it is a good choice for people who are not financially in a position to afford a deposit or a mortgage.
  • When you choose to rent, you will become much more flexible because moving houses will get easier. So, if you are not planning to permanently live in a given place, go for renting.
  • Renting involves no hassles related to the property. You would just have to pay your rent, and the landlord will look after any issues in the building or adapt to the changes in the local estate market.

There is no hard and fast rule about whether you should buy or rent a property in Loughton. Everyone’s situation is different, and so are their preferences. We have tried explaining the pros and cons of buying and renting. Now you have to decide what suits your interest the best.

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